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Specify the users who will be able to administer construction sites in Infobric Ease. Click Add to add a user to the order. Note that Infobric only creates the user account. Access to a site is provided by an existing site administrator. Instructions how to do this can be found on our Customer service site.

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User administrators of a company can request Infobric to assign system users administrator rights to your system client. As a user administrator, you have a significant role in controlling access to personal information for users on the system client. It is therefore important to know the rules and procedures that apply to give new users permissions in the service. The rules to be applied are determined by the company that is processing personal data that takes place in Infobric Ease. Please contact the system manager or the person responsible for personal data processing at the company for more information on the procedures that apply. Roles for system users

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User administrators for a company can here instruct Infobric to remove system users from your systemclient.

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